Writing the Landscape | Haiku Workshop

September 11, 2021, 2:00 PM — 3:30 PM

Spend an afternoon at Innisfree with writer and teacher Susan Brearley and explore writing haiku, a type of short form poetry that originated in Japan. In three lines and a total of seventeen syllables, haiku can be powerfully evocative, even humorous. Traditionally most haiku featured nature so after an introduction to the craft, Susan will bring the group out into the garden and ask everyone to write about the same area. In September, that will be The Point where spectacular standing stones preside and there may be lotus blooming in the lake. During our October 9 Community Day, it will be Pine Island where early fall colors will be visible reflected in the lake. Afterwards, the group will reconvene to read and discuss their work. This workshop is suitable for first-time or long-time poets. Participants should bring a notebook and writing implement, as well as a blanket or folding chair. Some folding wooden chairs will be available to borrow.

Members $30; Non-members $35 (for ages 16 and up)

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