Looking at Nature Walks: Reading the Rocks at Innisfree

April 29, 2023, 2:00 PM — 3:00 PM

While most come to Innisfree to enjoy this uniquely beautiful 20th century landscape, it is underlain and in many ways shaped by rocks dating back almost half a billion years. These tell a story of ancient seas, erupting volcanic islands, the growth and eventual destruction of the Taconic Mountains, and (relatively) recent glaciation sculpting the landscape. Join local geology professor Steven Schimmrich for a leisurely walk looking at Innisfree through the eyes of a geologist.

Steven Schimmrich is a professor of geology and chair of the STEM Department at SUNY Ulster County Community College, where he’s taught for over 20 years. Professor Schimmrich’s main interests are in local geology and the relationship between geology and the history of the Hudson Valley region. He is the author of Geology of the Hudson Valley: A Billion Years of History (2020).

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