Effective Solutions for Dealing with Deer | with Brad Roeller

February 23, 2022, 1:00 PM — 2:30 PM

Innisfree trustee Brad Roeller believes that by learning about the environmental and biological factors which influence deer and their food choices, homeowners and professionals can implement informed strategies for deer-proofing their landscapes. Drawing on over forty years of gardening in deer country and his findings in the Deer Browse Garden he created at the Cary Institute funded by a ten-year grant from Cornell, Brad will share hard-won lessons on how to deter deer from browsing ornamental plants. Over the course of his career, Brad has evaluated hundreds of popular herbaceous and woody ornamentals. He will share those plants showing any inherent resistance to deer plus his top picks from the plethora of products, gadgets, and methods intended to discourage deer from foraging in landscape plantings. This talk will also examine how historic and current land use trends impact deer densities and look at the ramifications of high deer populations.
Retired but actively involved in planning for and managing the Innisfree landscape, Brad Roeller offers a wealth of ideas and expertise to gardeners at every level. Over the past forty years, he has held top horticultural positions at the Cary Institute of Ecosystems Studies, the New York Botanical Garden, and a storied private estate, has published widely, and has been teaching at NYBG and other major institutions. Reflecting his own interests, his research has focused on ecologically-driven and sustainable landscape practices, gardening in areas with high deer populations, and landscape plants for Northern gardens.

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